87V Fluke Best Multimeter Review

87V Fluke Best Multimeter Review

Fluke 87V

87V Fluke Best Multimeter Review | Best Review Of 2021

The 87V Fluke Digital Multimeter is another great digital multimeter designed by the Fluke company. This multi-tester is well known for its consistent accuracy as with other Fluke meters. It has a great set of features that any electrical tradesperson or electrical professional will appreciate.

The 87V (aka 87-5) is indeed a quality-built digital multimeter. The meter has a limited lifetime warranty, too.

The Fluke 87V is a well-built precision instrument. The controls are well built and you can feel the quality. There is no rattling or inconsistent button functioning. It is built tough and rugged.

The input jacks are well built and feel tight when leads are plugged in. The color is black with a yellow case so is very easy to see. With a weight of about three pounds the meter has been built and designed very ergonomically.

This Fluke company meter is great for control work and for regular industrial electrical maintenance and troubleshooting. It is a bit overkill for home or residential work but very useful for the HVAC industry. Fluke recommends you read the digital multimeter manual to get the most out of the meter.

It tells you how to use the features that make your life easier if you know how to use them.

This Fluke meter has great battery life and is an excellent meter for out in the field. You won’t have to worry about battery changes as often as other multimeters because of its improved sleep mode to extend the battery life.

The multimeter has an access door for quick battery change which is also isolated from the electronic components preventing dirt or moisture from getting into the unit. This unit is well thought out.

Here are the technical details and information about the 87V digital multimeter

  • -maximum of 1000 Volt range in AC and DC
  • -temperature range of -200 degree C to 1090 degree C (probe is bought separately)
  • has a selectable filter for accurate voltage and frequency measurement on motor drives
  • -the loud tone (for continuity) makes it easy to hear the distinct beep when using earplugs or there where there is a lot of ambient noise around
  • -built-in thermometer so you carry one less tool
  • -measure up to 10 or 20 Amps up to 20 seconds
  • -auto & manual ranging for maximum flexibility
  • -resistance, continuity, and diode test
  • -frequency measurement is up to 200khz
  • -this meter even tells you if your leads are plugged in the wrong polarity

New!  If you buy the 87V/E2  Industrial Electrician Combo Kit you get a lightweight soft case for the optimal protection and storage for your accessories. It comes with test probes with 4 mm exposed metal ideal for testing industrial circuitry.

You also get retractable long reach alligator clips and the magnetic hanger to hold and position the meter on a metal surface giving you hands-free operation. The combo kit also comes with a temperature probe.

This Fluke meter is a bit pricy compared to other meters out there, though. And some tradespeople are disappointed with the thermal probe.

They say the leads are short which could be a problem in some situations. But overall the 87V Fluke digital multimeter is an absolutely excellent meter.


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