Top 5 Best Automotive Multimeters

In case you are a mechanic or someone who does automotive works then you would definitely need an automotive multimeter. It will help you diagnose electrical problems related to automobiles. These multimeters are essential in order to detect any potential malfunctions and electrical issues within a car. They can pinpoint where the problem lies. These multimers will measure different electrical parameters like voltage, capacitance resistance, current, and others. In this way, you can address the problem of a car’s connections and battery. However, a multimeter is only used for automobile purposes, it is also used for industrial, commercial, and home purposes.

Therefore, if you are in need of a high-class multimeter, we have gathered a list top 5 best automotive multimeters so that you don’t have to waste time searching for them. We have also provided a buying guide so that you could figure out which product works best for you.

List Of Best Best Automotive Multimeters All The Time:

INNOVA 3340 Multimeter

Best Automotive Multimeters

INNOVA 3340 Multimeter

We have added a sensational multimeter from ever-reliable and dependable Innova. This INNOVA 3340 multimeter is perfect for anyone who desires to get precise and highly accurate measurements of temperature, volts, amps, frequency, resistance, RPM, and dwell angle. It offers superb performance along with top-class features. And that is why it is considered one of the best in the business. Although it was made for the sole purpose to diagnose engine problems, it can also be used for industrial, home, and commercial works.

The multimeter is tailor-made for the automotive market as it offers all the necessary features to check problems related to cars, trucks, and electric scooters. However, as mentioned earlier, it can be used for other purposes also as it has the capacity to take precise measurements of  AC and DC voltage, AC and DC milliamps, DC amps, and other electrical parameters.

The things that are necessary for checking vehicle problems include an alternator output, tacho check, a clamp, and also RPM checks that are needed for regular and non-distributor ignition systems. This multimeter offers all these features. In case there is an old car in your garage, you can check its battery voltage, temperature, and current via this multimer. All in all, it is a perfect automotive multimeter.

The 3340 multimeter offers a range of great features which includes auto and manual ranging options. As for th auto-ranging, all you have to do is just put input through the use of the dial at the front and leave the rest to the multimeter. The results are pretty accurate with <±0.1% discrepancies.

However, it is not fast. It might take a few moments before depicting the results on the large display. There are times when you might observe some variations in results, but there is nothing to worry about as these fluctuations in results appear because of the environment and there might be another reason and that s when you do not use it for more than 20 minutes, the fluctuations in results start to appear on the results.

In case you are busy and you want to hold the readings for a few minutes, you can simply put the reading on hold and all the measurements will be freeze for as long as you want. It has an automotive power-off option that will turn the machine off after 10 minutes of sitting idle.

As for the design and build quality, it looks pretty strong with its protective rubber boot. It kind of feels robust when you see it from outside. It can easily last for many seasons to come. They also come with probe lead holders and a carry case. On the frontal side, there is a dial with 16 input selector stations and on the rear side is the flat surface that contains a separate panel for batteries.

As far as its safety is concerned, you don’t need to worry about a thing as it has got the seal of approval on safety and quality from Underwriters Laboratories. This seal means that the product is approved by the US government. It is covered with rubber corner guards which means it would be able to handle shock when dropped. Plus, It has a 10MΩ input impedance, which means there is an added layer for protection for electronics and engine control units. Moreover, its milliamp input circuit is shielded by a 500mA fuse.

The LCD display isn’t very big but it has a standard size. The display is  3 3/4 digit (max 3999 displayed). The screen is quite clear and bright. You don’t have to bend your back to see the measurements. Moreover, the symbols, such as low battery indicator, current, ohms, etc, on the screen are displayed clearly.

The multimeter comes with four jack sockets for ease of use. These four sockets include standard main and common terminals.

  • Nice, clear display
  • Auto and manual ranging
  • Easy to use
  • Hands-free testing
  • The screen is not backlit

Fluke 115

Fluke 115

Fluke 115

In need of a top-notch multimeter that fulfills all your needs? then this Fluke 115 is the one for you. It is strong, dependable, and powerful. It offers basic to advanced features so that all your needs are fulfilled as an automotive electrician.  Plus, it is highly accurate and safe and this is why it is rated with the best in the market. All in all, it appeals to everyone due to its high capabilities.

This is a compact True RMS digital multimeter that can measure voltage, current, resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacitance with high accuracy. It also comes with the diode check function. True RMS means true Root Mean Square. If the multimeter is True RMS then it means it is capable of properly measuring varying AC waveforms coming to homes, industries. The True RMS multimeter measures standard sine waves to irregular sine waves with ease. For checking vehicle problems it includes an alternator output, tacho check, a clamp, and also RPM checks that are needed for regular and non-distributor ignition systems.

As for the build quality, it is really strong. It is manufactured by Fluke that is famous for offering unmatched build quality, safety, and protection. It has a rugged construction which means it can sustain rough usage. It comes with a sweeping case, a tough holster, and a well-protected circuit board. It is compact and lightweight and therefore it easily fits into the bathroom draws, tool kits, or even pockets.

The multimeter is capable of measuring up to 600V AC and DC with amperage to 10A, up to 40MΩ resistance, and frequency to 50kHz with precise results. It can also filter out ghost voltages to give proper measurements.

On the front side is the standard rotary input selector dial. It is quite small which means it can be operated even with a thumb. The dial and buttons are easy to use. The front side also contains Hold, Min/Max, Range, and other functions with a backlight button. On the back, there is nothing but is a single compartment for batteries.

The unit is composed of a large 6,000-count display having a backlight. The screen is so bright that you will have no issues reading the measurement from far away. The display also has a responsive bar graph underneath, along with other necessary symbols such as current, voltage, etc. However, the resolution is not as good as we expected. However, it offers a clear picture of everything.

You will also be equipped with three standard input jacks: voltage, resistance, and continuity. These jacks are on the main terminal + Common + Amps. However, there is no mini/micro-amp jack socket.

As for protection, it comes with a powerful case and holster that can withstand any shock and resistance when dropped, general wear and tear, and humidity. It also comes with an inline fuse for an extra layer of protection.

  • PowerdulSolid build quality inside and out
  • Reliable and precise
  • Big screen
  • Advance features
  • Low display resolution

AstroAI Digital

AstroAI Digital

AstroAI Digital

Rarely, you will find a piece that is cheap and also highly capable of producing great results. This AstroAI Digital is also one of them. It is cheap and exhibits top-class features. It offers an array of advanced features with high accuracy while measuring voltage, resistance, and continuity to current, frequency, and temperature. In short, this multimeter should be on your top priority list if you plan to buy the high-quality and affordable automatic multimeter.

It is capable of measuring AC and DC voltage on both auto or manual ranging modes. It also contains some amperage scales for micro-amps up to 10A. Moreover, it can measure resistance up to 60MΩ. It also allows the automotive electrician to do tests on transistors with the help of its versatile socket.

It has a large display with 5999 counts. The screen comes with a backlight so that it can be used in dim lights. On the front side is the MAX/MIN button, a small dial that can be operated via a thumb and other necessary buttons. The display contains symbols of current, voltage, low battery indicators, and others.

You can also save high and low readings in case you want to remember them for a longer period of time. Moreover, it is quite easy to use. The dial is simple with no complications at all. For the auto-ranging, you just have to set a range and the multimeter will do the east. Moreover, you will hear a beep sound for each test you conduct in order to inform you that the measurements are complete.

The multimeter is True RMS and therefore it is capable of measuring varying AC forms with ease. Not only this, but it can also measure temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. However, the results for temperature might not be entirely accurate as you might observe a few discrepancies in the final results. It is because it is a relatively cheap multimeter and sometimes you have to compromise on a few features in order to make the best use of the resources you have.

The great thing about this AstroAI multimeter is that it comes a magnet hanger which for other multimeters, you have to buy them separately. Moreover, it comes with a kickstand so that it can be placed on a chair, bench, or table.

As for the looks, it resembles the premium multimeters that are expensive and robust. However, the build quality isn’t that great. Having said that it can easily survive many seasons to come.

  • Backlit
  • Measures almost everything
  • Big display
  • Easy to use
  • Poor built quality

Fluke 101

Fluke 101

Fluke 101

In need of a reliable multimeter that is excellent for everyday use and basic electrical tests? If so, then then this Fluke 101 is a perfect option for you. It has everything which you look for in a premium multimeter. The product is superb in terms of testing standard measurements, like volts, temperature, capacitance, and others.

Although it is not very big in terms of size, make no mistake this is still a fine product for residential, automotive, and commercial use. This can even be used by experts such as Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC-R) for industrial use. In short, it is a reliable and dependable meter.

It is a durable and powerful multimeter that can withstand any extreme condition since it has been manufactured from professional-grade material. It is also rugged enough to withstand years of persecution.

As mentioned it is not a really big multimeter and therefore, you can easily pocket it and move it around. In case you don’t need it in your pocket, it can also easily fit perfectly in your palm.
The dial selector is quite good. It stays rock solid on the front. Its movement is smooth and can be performed even by one hand. On the back, there is a battery compartment. The compartment is separate and therefore you can easily access the battery.

As for the design, it is quite compact. It has a classic rugged look that is pleasing to the eye. However, the display screen is not as big as we expected, but it is quite bright and therefore, you can see the measurements easily without having to bend your back. It only weighs 10 ounces with the measurements 8.1 x 4.4 x 2.3 inches.

It offers an array of advanced features which includes an auto-ranging feature. It means you won’t have to do a lot of work, everything will be measured automatically as long as you know how the unit works. The auto-ranging feature allows you to get accurate results with very few discrepancies. However, the auto-ranging is easy as it seems but it is not as fast. It takes a few moments to upload the measurements.

It also has an auto ON/OFF feature. When the multimeter is not in use for 20 minutes it will automatically turn its self off to save the pair of AAA battery power
You definitely need a multimeter that is safe and secure and this multimeter comes with a CAT III rating, which means it is completely safe for use. It can take delicate electric measurements without passing any current on to the surroundings.

It is also one of the few 6000 count multimeters around in the market. So, the largest possible reading you can take on this multimeter is 5999 units.

Not only it offers standard electric measurements like AC and DC voltage, AC and DC milliamps, DC amps, and others, it also provides measurements of other helpful things that are important for automotive experts.

  • Durable and longlasting
  • Powerful
  • Best for home, and industrial purposes
  • Accurate measurements
  • A little bit difficult to use

Fluke 87V

Fluke 87V

Fluke 87V

Fluke 87V is a True RMS multimeter that is capable of producing highly accurate measurements with very few discrepancies. It is a versatile meter that measures almost every electric parameter, i.e, from volts, temperature, and resistance to alternator diodes, and capacitance. It is specially designed for an automotive electrician who needs to diagnose electrical issues in cars and big trucks.
It is one of the premier multimeters that is excellent for diagnosing electrical issues and that is why it quite pricy. It is not only good for the automatic industry but it also excellent for commercial home and industrial purposes.

The 6,000 count display is pretty big. The screen offers vivid and bright colors. It has a high resolution. that allows you to see the screen clearly even in the broad daylight. The screen contains backlights for ease of use.

It is one of the expensive multimeters in the market; however, it is quite easy to use with a simple interface. There is nothing fancy bout the dial. It is big and easy to operate. Moreover, it contains high-class advanced features: you will hear a beep sound if anything goes wrong. It also has an automatic turn-off option which will come into action when the machine is not in use for 30 minutes. There is a TrendCapture feature that would keep a record of everything you need.

The multimeter is so good that it works perfectly in a noisy environment. There will hardly be any variation in the final result due to t=enviroamental issues. On the other hand, it equips you with both auto and manual modes.  You will also get True RMS capability on this high-quality multimeter. Thus, it can measure the heating capabilities of voltage which an ordinary multimeter would not measure.

  • Simple interface
  • True RMS
  • High battery Life
  • Simple
  • Expensive


Multimeter Buying Guide For Beginner

You cannot just go to the market and buy any multimeter. Each multimeter is made for a certain cause. Not all are made for your cause. Some are made for commercial use, some are made for home use and some are made for automotive industries. There are many things that you need to keep in mind before buying a multimeter. That is why we have made a buying guide for you so that you can distinguish between multimeters that are for your cause and the multimeters that are not made for your purpose.

True RMS

It is important that your multimeter is a True RMS meter. True RMS refers to true Root Mean Square.  If the machine is True RMS then it would give precise results as it can easily measure varying AC waveforms. Sometimes the waveforms are irregular and sometimes the AC waveforms coming to your homes are regular. So, only a True RMS can measure them accurately. On the other hand, an average multimeter would provide inaccurate results with varying measurements.


You should know for what purpose you are buying a multimeter. If you are planning to buy a multimeter for the automotive industry then your multimeter should be capable of measuring current, and voltage from batteries of old cars.  Your machine should also be equipped with alternator output, tacho check, a clamp, and also RPM checks that are needed for regular and non-distributor ignition systems. On the other hand, if you need a multimeter for homes, the criteria change dramatically. You might not need all the above features for home purposes. So, decide on what purpose you want to buy the multimeter.


It is preferred that you should buy a multimeter that lies between the range of $50 to $100. The multimeter from this price range has all the necessary features. However, if you don’t have financial means then you can go for the multimers that are cheap. Our list contains a few multimers that are cheap but have high-class features. Rest assured, all your requirements will be fulfilled.


Most of the modern multimeters come with auto and manual mode features. Autoranging feature is paramount, nowadays, as it lessens the burden on you. You just have to put in the range and everything will be done by the machine itself.


As a mechanic, you require a machine that provides accurate and precise results with hardly any discrepancies in the final result. However, it depends on many factors such as tolerance level. If the multimeter’s tolerance level is high it will be pretty accurate and precise.

Final Thoughts

We would like to inform you that all the products that we reviewed today are amazing in terms of performance. There will be hardly any issues with them related to their performance. They have retained a refreshingly high standard and that is why they are considered one of the best in business. Rest assured, you can try any of the products from the above list, you will face no issues.

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