Best Multimeters For Electronics Technicians

As an electronic technician, you would know that you have to face power-sensitive components every day; therefore multimeters are must-have tools for everyday work. These multimeters are essential for measuring different parameters such as voltage, capacitance resistance, current, inductance, and many other parameters.

All of these measurements need to be precise and accurate for better results. This is the work of a multimeter.

However, a multimeter needs to be of the highest quality that is durable and works well for many seasons to come. You cannot go to the market and purchase something ordinary that provides inaccurate measurements. 

Keeping all this in mind, we have reviewed 10 of the best multimeters currently that would work perfectly for all the electronic technicians in the market.

We have also provided a buying guide along with the frequently asked questions’ answers so that you could figure out which tool works best for you as an electronic technician.

List Of Best Multimeters For Electronics Technicians 2021

Fluke – 2718166 179/EDA2

Best Multimeters for Electronics Technicians

Fluke – 2718166 179

If you are in search of a high-quality multimeter that is reliable and dependable then this Fluke 179 is the one for you, it provides a high quality of accuracy and precision. Plus, it is considered one of the best models of the 170 Series of Fluke multimeters.

It has everything you look for in a top-notch device. You can measure any electric calculation with ease. However, it is probably best for general purposes. 

The overall construction is quite nice with great input protection. The device is powerful and strong. Thus, it is durable because it is made of high-quality material.

And, due to its strong built-in, it can run well in almost any tough situation which means it would do quite well in electrically noisy surroundings.

Also, it provides you all kinds of measures which you would need as an electronic technician because of its different modes that ignore the noisy waves and help you provide more accuracy.

The device provides a different range of options. It has an auto mode for fast results. It has also a manual mode which you can switch to if you do not believe in automatic measurements. Plus, it offers a 6,000-count display with 0.09% basic DC voltage accuracy.

What we like about this machine is that it is a True RMS multimeter. Thus, it can measure the heating capabilities of voltage which an ordinary multimeter would not measure.

Plus, it is quite accurate as it can measure complicated waves approaching out from inverters and AC driven systems with precision. Most of the average multimeters have almost 10% discrepancies as far as the accuracy goes.

As mentioned above the device is well equipped to work in noisy environments. That is why it can work with heavy motors and machines. It has great functions which include the voltage measurement from the millivolts up to 1000V. The temperature measurement is from 0-400 °C.

The Fluke 179 has a nice display. It has 6000 counts which might be average for a few but it has the super backlight. The display provides all the necessary details such as over-voltage and low voltage warnings.

Plus, it will provide you all the measurements on the screen with clarity which you can see in the broad daylight without much of a problem. Plus, it has easy calibration via a panel in a closed case. Moreover, there is a 33-segment bar graph underneath which is excellent and quick that can observe complex waves with ease. 

As far as the design goes, The front has a recessed dial that is easy to operate. There is a rubber holster attached for protection and safety purposes. There is a kickstand that is quite sturdy and reliable. Overall the design looks impressive with simple but outstanding features. 

  • Great accuracy
  • Temperature range
  • Nice backlit display
  • Different modes
  • It is without micro-amps

Fluke 287 

Fluke 287 

Fluke 287

The Fluke 287 is worthy of your attention. It is a great device that will fulfill your every need as an electronic technician. It is simply a perfect machine that is neither too expensive nor too cheap. In short, it strikes a perfect balance between the cost and the value.  

The big and the large Fluke 287 is pretty much similar to the 289 multimeter data logger. Both have pretty many similar properties.

However, Fluke 287 has slightly fewer features. Nonetheless, the Fluke 287 exhibits a great performance to keep everything under control.

This machine might not be a complete scope meter but still, it measures everything. It is loaded with, True-RMS DMM and TrendCapture feature.

It provides you all the data related to the volts, amps, and temperature on a big, beefy display that has tremendous brightness.
It is an exceptional device that not only provides a record of the minutes and hours but also days with its real-time clock. 

It also has a Trend Capture feature to provide you all the data related to the anomalies, designs, measurements and other things. This information can also be delivered to your mobile via infrared optical cable.

You will also be equipped with the option of saving the whole data into some kind of document through the FlukeView feature. However, you will need to buy an adapter to make this thing work.

This True-RMS multimeter is excellent in terms of reading complex waves accurately.

You will notice hardly any discrepancies in the final result. It can measure both AC and DC voltage go up to 1000V. It can also measure resistance, capacitance, and temperature having different ranges.

The product itself is strong and durable due to its excellent input protection. It is made from high-grade material that makes it long-lasting. It will not break down or you will not see the performance decline after a few usages due to top-quality construction.

It has an auto-ranging option that provides fast results. In the manual range, you can check everything manually if you’re not satisfied with the results. However, the battery isn’t that great with up to 200 hours when logging. Moreover, it is also capable of making erratic signals flat with its AC selectable filter.

As for the display, it will provide you everything. It is big and wide enough for great viewing. It has a count up top 50000 which is quite a lot. The display provides information in different languages.

The screen provides zoomed graphs for better performance. These graphs can be shared through Fluke Connect.

It has come with an integrated holster which is not rubber. The integrated holster is really strong that cannot be removed. It has six AA batteries and two HRC fuses which help in providing accurate results. 

  • True RMS meter
  • Big display
  • Powerful machine
  • Excellent capacitance range
  • The adapter needs to be purchased alone
  • Big and Heavy
  • Uxcell DMiotech Multimete

Uxcell DMiotech Multimeter

Uxcell DMiotech Multimeter

Uxcell DMiotech Multimeter

If you are looking for a versatile multimeter for an electric hobbyist then this DMiotech Digital multimeter is the one for you.

It is packed with high-class specs. It is considered an all-rounder as it performs well on all fronts. In short, is one of the best digital multimeter for electronics technicians. 

Although one of the best in the business, it is not expensive, it is sold at quite a reasonable price. And the features it provides at its price range are amazing. Most of the premium machines do not have those kinds of features.

What we like most about this multimeter is that its Auto-ranging feature provides quick and fast information. The response time is pretty quick with negligible discrepancies in the final results.

The auto-ranging feature can measure anything from the current and voltage to the resistance.
There is one unique feature about this device and it is that it’s the first digital mini multimeter to have a voice LCD backlight. You can turn and off the backlight with the small sound. Moreover, the machine provides a great range of 58 F – 1832F/(50C-1000C) for operating.

There is also an option auto power shutdown in case you are not using it. It will automatically turn itself off when there is no activity for a certain period of time. Moreover, it can measure voltage up to 1000V, current up to 10A AC/DC, and resistance up to 40MΩ.

It will also detect noncontact voltage with ease. Plus, it also has the power to measure multiple complex waves of voltage with high accuracy.

There is one thing that you need to keep in mind that DMiotech is designed specifically for home purposes. It can detect and fix common household electrical problems. However, it is not made for any special purpose.

It has also the specialty of resolving car electrical issues. You can detect any sort of voltage, battery, and current issue in the car with ease.

It has a great sound control feature that becomes really helpful when you are tired and do not want to do anything. You just have to make a sound and the multimeter will start its work.

It also has the option for the manual range which provides better results with almost full efficiency. You can use this option if you are not satisfied with auto-range results.

As for the user manual, it is very well written. Thus, if you do not understand anything you can use the manual to understand the multimeter functions.

  • High battery power
  • Ideal for temperature measurement
  • Easy to operate
  • Well written manual
  • Included batteries
  • Not a lot of resolution

Fluke T5-1000

Fluke T5-1000

Fluke T5-1000

If you are in need of an all-in-one device that offers everything then this Fluke T5-1000 is the one for you. It is a simple yet powerful device that is handy for both pros and amateurs.

It is capable of measuring voltage, high current, resistance, and capacitance. It will measure the voltage up to 2000V and AC current to 100A with ease. 

The T5 has a simple design. It has nothing new but it is an aesthetically pleasing one. The built is strong with an easy dial having four positions and an open current measurement case. Thus, it is easy to use. But, you cannot hang it anywhere due to its design. 

However, there is a probe holder that helps a little bit. There is also a holster that will allow you to clip the machine to your belly.

Thus, it is very portable for electricians. Plus, you will be equipped with a full auto-ranging option to get quick and fast results after you choose the appropriate position.

As far as the ranges are concerned, it can manage the voltage up to 1000V for AC and DC for CAT-III For Cat-IV, it is 600V. As far as the current is concerned,  you might not get perfectly accurate results. Nevertheless, the results are trustworthy for general amperage values. 

Moreover, there are not a lot of voltage positions in the multimeter. It has just one voltage position to decipher AC from DC. As far as the readings go, they are not really quick. They might take time to show the results with a few discrepancies

What we most like about this machine is that it has an impressive battery life. The two AAs battery will allow you to use it for 300 to 400 hours with ease.

There is also a low battery icon that would tell you when to charge. For the safety option, it does not require to be fused, and plus it does not have the capacity to measure amperage directly through its circuitry

It has got a series of modes and one of them is a sleep mode that will save you a lot of power when you are not using the device.

When you look at its built, it might not look as tough as other premium multimeters but it is really strong. It can perform well under pressure. You will not see any performance shrinkage in the coming years due to the great input system Moreover, it will easily fit into the palm as it is not really big.
When you closely analyze its display, it is not really big, It is just a simple display with basic features and not backlit. Plus, the resolution is not that great. It is pretty much limited However, you will get all the necessary icons and indicators when you use it.

  • Multi-use
  • CAT-IV rated
  • Decent price
  • strong and powerful
  • Low resolution
  • Amprobe 30xr

Amprobe 30xr 

Amprobe 30xr 

Amprobe 30xr

The Amprobe 30xr digital multimeter is ever dependable and reliable device that is very popular among electronic technicians. It is a high power multimeter that is tailor-made for electrical and industrial related work as it easily measures both AC and DC parameters.

This is a budget multimeter that does not cost a lot. Plus, it offers high-class features for DIY enthusiasts. If you have this you will not have to spend a lot of money on any multimeters for a long time. 

It is equipped with an auto-ranging feature. Therefore, it can provide easy results.

Plus, it has RMS technology which means it can measure alternating current with a lot of precision. You don’t have to worry about the final measurement result as there will be very few discrepancies. Plus, the machine is a non-contact voltage multimeter up to 600 V AC. Also, is fully rated for AC/DC 10 amps.

It is generally used for home purposes. It is not good for car electric checking. It usually measures AC/DC voltage along with resistance, current, capacitance and other functions as well. Thus, it is perfect for home use.

It is quite easy to use this multimeter as there is a  Data Hold button that just needs to be pushed for getting all kinds of measurements. The measurements are displayed on a big flat screen that has a high resolution of 1999 counts.

The battery is amazing with 300-400 hours of battery.  Whenever the battery gets low you will be informed by a low battery indicator. Plus, it has an automatic shutoff feature to conserve battery power.

  • Decent resolution
  • Tailor-made for home usage
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful 9V battery
  • No temperature checker

IDEAL INDUSTRIES 61-744Clamp-Meter

IDEAL INDUSTRIES 61-744Clamp-Meter

IDEAL INDUSTRIES 61-744Clamp-Meter

Made by one of the most popular brands “ideal”, the 61-744 clamp is a perfect device that is well suited for demanding electronic technicians. It is outshined many of the premium multimeters with its high-class specs.

It is a compact, well designed, and simple tool for everyday electrical tasks.

The device features a type k temperature probe with a rubber holster. This makes this tool safe and secure. Moreover, it also has an auto power option. So whenever, it is not in use, it will power off itself automatically to save power.

What we really like about this machine is that it has a data hold function that would keep the data secured for a few days. Plus, it not only measures data for minutes and hours but also for days. Also, the tool is not very expensive. In fact, it is quite cheap that comes with insulated test probes.

As far as accuracy goes, it is quite precise. It will provide you accurate data with hardly any issues in the final measurement. That is why it is considered as one of the best for providing accurate  DC/AC current and voltage results.

For protection, it has tapered jaws as it keeps the digital multimeter safe and secure. It might not be very flashy from the design point of view but it gets the job done.

It has been designed in such a way that it can hook up magnetically for easy of use. Plus, you can hook it up with belts for ease of convenience. As for the safety options, it is certified for CAT III 600 V, which shows how good the design is.

Moreover, it has also featured a non-contact voltage indicator which makes this multimeter a  perfect choice for extended use. However, it has not got the RMS techno technology

  • Great Features
  • Lovely display
  • User-friendly shape
  • 2-year warranty
  • No RMS technology

Milwaukee 2235-20 

Milwaukee 2235-20 

Milwaukee 2235-20

This 2235-20  one is considered a legendary item for electricians. This is a very popular and famous multimeter because firstly, it is not very costly and secondly it posses all modern-day features that make this device one of the best electricians multimeter. 

As an electrician, you need something that is dependable as well as reliable. Thus multimeter has both attributes. This is why it can perform all kinds of tasks.

This is a true RMS multimeter that is good for home as well as for commercial use.

The device has been provided with a CATIII 600V rating. Therefore it is capable of any electrical task related to electrical current, voltage, resistance, and capacity.

Plus, it has been over-molded for safety purpose and longevity. Moreover, you can easily use this machine for measuring ohms, DC volts, and AC volts

As far as the display is concerned, it is big and provides clear cut measurements that are easy to understand. The  B&W display provides information and detail of every measurement with recording capabilities of days

It can measure resistance is up to 400 ohms. and has a 400 amp AC measurement limit, which means it is perfectly suited for any kind of electrical task related to home, commercial and industrial use. Thus, you can easily use this machine for measuring ohms, DC volts, and AC volts

  • Durable and longlasting
  • Powerful
  • Best for home, and industrial purposes
  • Accurate measurements
  • The backlit screen isn’t great

AstroAI 6000

AstroAI 6000

AstroAI 6000

There are many multimeters in the market, but nothing like the AstroAI 6000 true RMS. If you are in need of something special for electronics and DIY electronics then this is the one for you. It will equip you with everything you need. In short, it is worth every penny.

The AstroAI 6000 auto-ranging true RMS multimeter is tailor-made for industrial, home, and commercial applications. It’s also adaptable enough to perform all the tasks of th DIY enthusiast and the electronics technicians with ease. 

The AstroAI 6000 works can be used for testing temperature, frequency, duty cycle, and other applications. It can also be used to check diode transistors. Plus, it is capable of measuring voltage up to 600V AC/DC, AC/DC. Therefore, it is a perfect item for household electrical chores.

In case you do not like the battery you can always replace it as it has an easy-access battery compartment, unlike those multimeters whose batteries cannot be touched. Having said that, the battery is powerful and provides a decent life

What we like about this product is that it has advanced troubleshooting functions. Thus, whatever problems your device may face, you will be informed of everything plus, it has a separate thermocouple probe.

Moreover, it comes with a kickstand like a tilt stand, and also there is a hanging strap so that it can be used in different ways.

  • Easy to read
  • Proper features
  • Safe and secure
  • Perfect backlit display
  • Lengthy debugging sessions




The M102 is a  solid multimeter that is considered one of the best for DIY electronics.

It fulfills all the expectations of the electronic technician. Once you buy it, we are sure that you won’t need to buy any other multimeter for years to come.

What we really like about this product is that it has great measurement ranges. It can measure AC/DC up to 10A. It is capable of measure  AC/DC voltage, current, frequency, continuity, and other tests as well. Plus, it does diode tests too.

It will measure the AC voltage to 750 V, and  DC voltage to 1000 V. For resistance it can measure up to 60MD and temperature up to 1832 F and 9.9MF capacitance. It s auto-ranging provides accurate and precise results.

The display is big with 6000 counts which means you can read any measurement with ease. Moreover, it has data hold feature to record measurements. It is also certified for the CAT III 600V AC/DC voltage.

It is also lightweight. You can attach it anywhere with ease via an onboard magnet. Plus, it has a large backlit screen that would provide every delicate information along with the graphs. Furthermore, it has hold mode to pause everything.

  • All-rounder
  • Durable
  • Meets safety standards
  • Accurate
  • Poorly written manual

Southwire Tools & Equipment 12070T

Southwire Tools & Equipment 12070T

Southwire Tools & Equipment 12070T

This 16040T from Southwire is well built, strong, great looking and affordable multimeter that would fulfill all your expectations as an electronic technician.

You will rarely find this kind of product in the market due to high specs and perfect features. It has ten inbuilt features which make this multimeter not only good for home purpose but also for industrial and commercial purpose too

As with others, it is capable of measuring AC and DC current along with voltage, diode test, temperature measurement, resistance, and capacitance. Plus, you will see it can detect any kind of anomalies with ease.

It is waterproof which means it has an IP67 rating. This is a much-needed feature for electric technician whose multimeters are used to get faulty with a single drop of water entering the internal components

It will produce a beep sound once you have done anything wrong such as when you put the wrong thing into the input jack. It will also produce a sound as a warning when the readings are above the limit. 

Moreover, it will measure  AC and DC voltage up to 600V and resistance up to 40 megaohms which means it is best for home use.

  • Well built
  • Has CAT III 600 rating safety features
  • Strong built quality
  • Low impedance mode
  • It is not a non-contact voltage device

Buying Guide For Multimeter for Electronics Technicians

There are many things which you need to consider before going out in the market and choosing a multimeter. All these multimeters look pretty much the same from the exterior and plus, the descriptions also look similar. Therefore it is quite difficult to choose a multimeter. 

There is nothing like an expensive multimeter because this expensive and premium multimeter might not be made for your cause. This is why we have prepared a buying guide. Just go through it and it will open your mind about the things you need to look for in a multimeter.

Define the Purpose 

If you are an electrical technician, you might be doing a variety of works. You might be someone who does the household electric work for people.

Or, you might a technician in the private department or in a big company and doing their electric stuff. The kind of work you do decides the type of multimeter you would need. 

If you are someone who works on DC, a unit that works only on resistance and capacitance won’t work for you. As a professional technician, you would also need to consider things like temperature, voltage, interference, and others.

Therefore, you would need a premium multimeter. However, if you are a homeowner, you don’t need an expensive multimeter.

Accuracy and Precision

You would need a multimeter that provides accurate and precise measurements. However, accuracy depends on multiple factors. Its reading varies on its tolerance levels as each multimeter has a different tolerance level.

For home use, you do not need a high tolerance multimeter. But for industrial purposes, you would need a multimeter with high tolerance levels.

Keep in mind that the price of the device also decides the accuracy part. The more the price, the better is the accuracy because it provides more features that help provides precise measurements.

However, if you do not have a lot of money, the above list contains some of the best budget price multimeters that are exceptional in terms of performance. You can always choose them.

True RMS Technology

If you have a True RMS multimeter it can easily measure alternating currents. As a professional, this is a much-needed feature as you might have to work on devices that run on AC like computers.


Most of the modern multimeters have this feature, nowadays. But, there are still a few multimers in the market that don’t have this feature.

Auto-Ranging is a paramount feature for any professional because it provides correct measurement very quickly. So, check whether you multimeter has this must-have feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should we choose expensive multimeter or a cheap one?

It totally depends on you which multimeter you want to choose. However the cost matters, It is not that every costly multimeter that would do the job.

But, those which are a little pricy are more accurate than the other. Having said that, there are also budget devices that would do a great on but they are hard to find

Is True RMS technology important in a multimeter?

Yes, it is a really important factor. If your multimeter has this technology, it can easily measure Alternative current. Plus, the results will also be more accurate

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read our article, we hope that it would have helped you immensely. Now, you can figure out exactly which multimeter is best for you.

The above multimeters in the list are powerful, durable, and long-lasting. Choosing any of the devices from the above list would not disappoint you. Nevertheless, do read our buying guide which will help you further in deciding which the best tool for your cause is.

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