Top 5 Cheapest Multimeters To Buy

Toolboxpack addresses the concerns involved with purchasing a new multimeter. The multimeter is one of, if not the most, important tools in any troubleshooters toolbox or benchtop.

If you do a lot of electrical or electronic troubleshooting, electronic hobby, or electrical testing, it will be a good investment for you to take the time to research and purchase a high-quality multimeter. A quality multimeter will provide years of trouble-free service and also will prove to be more accurate and reliable than a cheaper meter.

Standard multimeters usually measure voltage, current, and resistance, but today’s multimeters can also perform many other useful functions such as check diodes, continuity, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, and other functions as well.

Taking the time to research a multimeter review will help you decide which multimeter is right for you by describing the function and uses of each specific model off the multimeter. More importantly, we also have researched the reviews written about each multimeter and summarized those findings and one condensed location. Therefore, instead of reading through multiple reviews in multiple places, you can find out how well the meter of your choice has performed for other users who have already purchased and used the product.

Most of the multimeter reviews on our website are of the higher quality class. There are more functions associated with these types of meters and we want to make sure that if you are going to spend some money on a quality meter, that you get the quality meter that you want and need. After all, if you are just wanting an inexpensive meter to make a voltage measurement one time, you are more likely to purchase a cheaper meter where the quality and functionality are not that important and reading multimeter reviews will be less necessary.

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Following we provide a list of the best multimeters to buy in 2021.

List Of Top 5 Cheapest Multimeters To Buy Now!

Amprobe PM55A

Cheapest Multimeters To Bu

Cheapest Multimeters To Buy

The Amprobe PM55A is an excellent little shirt pocket-sized multimeter that has nine different measurement functions (some of which are typically only seen on larger multimeters). This little multimeter weighs in just under 3 ounces and has a thickness of under 3/8 inches thick.

The PM55A falls in around the medium price ranges typically found to be between $40 and $60 US Dollars. The Amprobe PM55A measures: AC DC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, continuity with beeper, diode checker, and is a fully auto-ranging multimeter. The PM55A has an oversized digital display with very large digits. the display also shows the units icons.  It is safety rated to CAT II 600 V, CAT III 300 V, Pollution Degree 2, Class 2.

The PM55A is a smart multimeter in the sense that it uses an AutoTect feature that knows what it is measuring. If you are measuring ac, dc volts, or resistance, the PM55A automatically recognizes what it is measuring and adjusts itself to the proper settings without any type of user interface.

For example, if you want to measure 12 volts dc. Simply connect the test leads to the test points and the multimeter automatically selects the correct function/range to measure the 12 volts dc. The AutoTect feature has a low input impedance allowing all the “ghost voltages” to be zeroed out.  Now that is pretty cool.

Another cool feature of this pocket-sized multimeter is its ability to detect voltage without making contact with the live circuit. You do not need to use the test leads to make non-contact voltage measurements. Simply place the meter near the live conductors and the voltage detector is able to determine if the voltage is or is not present. This can be a time saver when you really are not concerned so much with the amount of voltage present but rather, whether or not voltage is present. If the voltage is not present, simply continue along the circuit – holding the meter close to the circuit until you find the spot where the voltage is lost.

If you are looking for a shirt pocket-sized multimeter to be used on the go, then that Amprobe PM55A may be the multimeter for you.

Extech EX420

Extech EX420

Extech EX420

The Extech EX420 is a professional auto-ranging general-purpose multimeter that prevents the need to carry around multiple meters. It has 11 functions ranging from basic functions to more advanced functions.

Functions include AC and DC voltage and current, resistance, frequency, temperature (temperature probe included), capacitance, diode, and continuity check.

The Extech EX420 has a 0.3 percent basic accuracy which is suitable for most troubleshooting applications.

The EX420 is very similar to the Extech multimeter EX430 accept the EX420 is an averaging multimeter as opposed to the EX430 which is a True RMS multimeter. The EX420 is also a little cheaper to buy than the 430. It is a great multimeter for someone who is getting starting in electrical troubleshooting but it also a great multimeter for the professional that does not want to spend a ton of money for one of the higher-priced multimeters.

The display on the EX420 is a large digit LCD backlit display making the readout very easy to see. Other than the digits, the display also shows icons to show things such as the battery life and other information related to the type of measurement that is selected to be made.

The EX420 provides input fuse protection and also has a feature where it will warn the user if the positive test lead is inserted into a current jack and a non-current function is selected. Warnings are made via the audible buzzer and also an icon will appear in the display.

Other features of the EX420

  • The data hold feature allows the display to “hold” the data values on the display even after the measurement has been made.
  • The relative mode feature allows the measurement to be made relative to a stored value such as a reference voltage or current. The displayed reading will be the difference between the reference value and the measured value.
  • The unit also has an auto power-off feature to save battery life when it has not been used within 15 minutes of time.
  • CAT III to 600 V, CE, and UL listed.
The Extech EX420 is capable of measuring AC/DC voltage to a maximum of 600 volts, AC/DC current can be made to a maximum of 20 amps, Resistance up to 40 megaohms, has a diode checker, a continuity checker, and measures temperature from -4 to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 750 degrees Celsius).

The Extech EX420 comes complete with test leads, the type k temperature probe, a 9-volt battery, the protective holster, an adjustable tilt stand, and a velcro hanging strap.

Extech EX430

Extech EX430

Extech EX430

The professional Extech EX430 eliminates the need to carry multiple meters by providing 11 functions in one single multimeter. Basic functions include AC and DC voltage and current, resistance, diode tester, continuity, frequency, and temperature. The EX430 is an auto-ranging multimeter as well as a True RMS multimeter with a basic accuracy tolerance of +/- 0.3 percent basic accuracy.

Distortion: Some types of electrical measurements can be hard to make accurately in an industrial setting with an averaging multimeter. Things such as lights, motors, and other electrical equipment can distort the AC waveform making it almost impossible to make an accurate reading. The Extech EX430 has the ability to take a True RMS reading to ensure accurate measurements and eliminating distortion when measuring AC voltage and currents.

Easy to read off data: The data is easily read off the display of the EX430 as it features a large 2,000 count screen that offers high resolution over wide ranges. The numerical digits are 1-inch high against the backlit LCD display making the characters very easy to read off the screen at quick glance.

Multimeter Protection: The Extech EX430 protects the inputs with fuse protection. It also features a misconnection warning system via an audible alert and visible on-screen icon to ensure the user has the test leads connected into the right jacks in relation to which function is selected.

A data hold old feature: Sometimes it can be very difficult to keep your eyes on the connection points you are measuring from and the multimeter at the same time. With the hold function, simply press the hold button and then make your measurement. The Extech EX430 will read the data and then freeze the data on-screen even after you have removed the test leads from the connection points.

Manual Range Select: Range selection allows you to turn off the auto-ranging feature and also to step through the available ranges until the desired range is displayed.

Make relative measurements: Relative mode allows measurements to be made relative to a stored reference value. A reference voltage or current can be stored and measurements will be made relative to this value. The value displayed will be the difference between the reference value and the measured value.

What Comes with the EX430

CAT III test leads stand, hanging strap, protective holster with built-in test lead storage, type k beads wire temperature probe, battery (9V), and owner’s manual, and of course the Extech Ex430.

Extech EX330

Extech EX330

Extech EX330

The Extech EX330 is a mini digital auto-ranging multimeter that is packed with many features considering that it weighs in at only 8.96 ounces, has a length of 5.70 inches, width 1.60 inches, and height of 2.90 inches.

Don’t let the price of this multimeter fool you. Extech is a well-known company and they produce quality stuff as opposed to some of the other manufactures of cheaper multimeters.

The EX330 measures AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, frequency, duty cycle, capacitance, diodes, continuity, and temperature. It also comes with a type K temperature probe.

The coolest feature about the Extech EX330 is its built-in non-contact voltage detector. This feature allows the EX330 to detect the presence of voltage just by placing the unit near the voltage source, allowing the user to detect the presence of voltage without ever actually contacting the voltage.

This comes in very handy when you just want to know whether a voltage is present or not as opposed to actually needing to know how much voltage is present. You simply hold the meter near different locations within the circuit until you locate the problem area.

For a mini multimeter, the Extech EX330 has an extra-large, 4000 count display that makes taking readings a snap.

This meter is especially useful for hobbyist and electronic testing applications where accuracy is not that important as with most inexpensive multimeters. The accuracy rating on this multimeter is 0.05 percent which serves well for a lot of electrical/electronic testing applications.

The Extech EX330 runs on 2 AAA batteries and has a built-in low battery indicator to alert the user to change out the batteries.

The case of this multimeter is made out of soft plastic that makes it easy to grip without slipping and also protects the multimeter if it is dropped. The back of the case also has a tip-out stand that makes it suitable to use on a workbench.

Fluke 289

Fluke 289

Fluke 289

Fluke 289 is a high-quality, high precision, True RMS data logging multimeter. It is built to solve complex problems in plant automation, power distribution, electronics, and electro-mechanical equipment. The Fluke 289 has been well received by others who have purchased this multimeter and has received top star rating customer reviews from

The Fluke 289′s data logging feature and graphing abilities can be used directly on the multimeter and allow a trend to be detected without actually having to download the readings data to a computer.

 (If you are interested in the Fluke 289 and want the Flukeview forms and accessories, for a little more money you can purchase the Fluke 289 with the combo kit.)


The Fluke 289 can store up to 15,000 recorded events. The measurements made while out in the field can be named, saved, and then recalled later. A built-in real-time clock allows the 289 to automatically place an accurate time stamp on all of the saved readings which allows data to be viewed and analyzed based on the time of measurement. Trends can be detected directly on the meter which is very helpful while isolating problems while out in the field.


The display is a large 50,000 count 1/4 vga featuring a white back-light. Multiple sets of measurement data can be displayed on the screen at the same time. Not sure how a function works and you are without the user guide? no problem. The 289 features built-in help screens that can be accessed from its information (i) button. Function selection and navigation are a breeze with its soft keys and built-in scroll button. The Fluke 289 allows the user to create custom displays and has a multi-lingual interface allowing it to be tailored to the individual needs of the user.

Smoothing mode. 

The Fluke 289 has a smoothing mode feature used when the input signal is rapidly changing or when the input signal has a lot of noise in it. Smoothing mode is a user select-able AC filter the helps the 289 display a more stable and accurate measurement reading.

Other things you may want to know

  • Low impedance voltage prevents false readings due to ghost voltages
  • data can be exported to a CSV file
  • Designed to meet CSA, ul, tuv, ce agency approvals. It also cat iii 1000 v cat iv 600v safety rated
  • Batteries: runs on 6 AA alkaline batteries or neda IEC Ir6. runs for approximately100 hours and 200 hours in logging mode.
  • Includes manual, 6 aa batteries, set of tl71 silicone test leads, a probe holder, two ac72 alligator clips. Has an optional accessory 80bk-a integrated dmm temp probe w/ measurement range up to 260-degrees Celsius.

The Fluke 289 is another great multimeter built by Fluke and is highly recommended to anyone in need of a high-quality data logging multimeter.

Fluke 8808A

Fluke 8808A

Fluke 8808A

The Fluke 8808A digital multimeter is designed for portability just as well that is designed for benchtop and system applications. The 8808A is a true RMS digital multimeter and it has the ability to switch between auto-ranging and manual ranging modes. It can display two different sets of characteristics of the same signal at the same time, has 6 preset buttons that you can store and use 6 test configurations with the press of a button, closed case calibration via a recessed button, and has a bail that can be used to carry, store, or as a stand for benchtop applications.

The 8808A can also be controlled either from the front panel or by sending commands through its RS232 communication interface. Let’s take a look at just some of the features of the 8808A a little more closely.

View two different characteristics of the same input single at the same time.

The Fluke 8808A features a dual vacuum fluorescent display that will allow you to analyze two characteristics of an input signal at one time. Say you have the multimeter set to measure AC voltage but you also wish to know the frequency of that AC signal as well. With some multimeters, you would have to take the voltage measurement, change functions, and then take the frequency measurement. With the 8808A, you are able to view both of the characteristics at the same time and on the same screen without having to change functions or anything else for that matter.

6 preset buttons allow switching between your most common measurement settings a snap

The Fluke 8808A features 6 buttons located just above the function buttons that allow the user to store up to 6 measurement configurations, and then at the touch of the preset button, you can have the multimeter change its measurement settings and you are ready to go.

This is a very convenient feature for measurements that you make a lot of times. The buttons are compared to the preset buttons of a car stereo. You set them to the desired configuration and then with a press of a button those specific configurations are recalled and made active. To set each button, simply set the multimeter to the desired configuration and hold the shift key while you press the preset button that you wish to add this new configuration. The image to the right shows the location of the 6 preset buttons.

Measure Leakage Current

Most multimeters use the shunt method when measuring current. This method increases the error when low current measurements are being made. According to Fluke, the Fluke 8808A is the only multimeter in it’s class to implement current to voltage inversion and low impedance operational amp to measure the sensitive low leakage currents and by doing so, the 8808a can measure leakage current with a 100 nA resolution.

Store, Analyze, And Convert Measurements To Documents

With FlukeView Forms you can actually store and analyze measurement readings and then when you are done, those readings can be converted into Documents. You can then transfer your data points to a pc and display your readings in a table or in graphical form

The Fluke 8808A is definitely packed with many features, and a great tool for the professional.


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