Fluke 115 Best Electicians Multimeter Review

Fluke 115 Best Electricians Multimeter Review || True RMS Digital Multimeter

Fluke 115 Best Electicians Multimeter Review

Fluke 115

As the name suggests the Fluke 115 (CAT III 600V safety rated ) was primarily designed with the electrical technician in mind, That being said it’s the kind of meter that can be used for electrical work across a wide variety of jobs and makes it one of the best general-purpose multimeters on the market.

Negative reviews are few and far between, mostly relating to functions that it was never designed for. I must confess that I selected this meter to review primarily on the basis that everyone else thought it was good. After all who wants to read about something that no one else likes. I have tried to keep this review brief but have found that impossible. As you read on you will understand why.

What does a multimeter do? and why multi?

It performs 3 main tasks. It will measure voltage/volts(pressure), current/amps (volume/flow) and resistance/ohms(size of conduit). Measuring one or more of these will give you a clear indication as to where the fault lies.

Imagine for a moment it’s your child’s birthday and they have opened your present. You insert the batteries but nothing happens. Is it the batteries, is it one battery or more. Is your present defective, what to do, and where to go. I have checked the batteries for the children, checked the car battery. Sorted out house wiring and tracked down many a broken wire, faulty switch, or blown fuse in my car and many other household appliances using the continuity/resistance tester.

A special continuity setting exists on the Fluke 115 specially designed to make this task a whole lot easier.

You may be wondering why your electric wall socket is not working? Why is the light fitting not working? You may even ask how does a multimeter test a diode. All of these problems become a whole lot easier to resolve with the Fluke 115.


  • Quality of build, All the way up from the 4mm rubber coated test leads to the over-engineered casing, this meter oozes quality. With that comes the peace of mind knowing that it’s something you can rely on.
  • A large display goes a long way towards not misreading the meter, just makes life that little bit easier.
  • The backlit screen helps when you are under the stairs in the deep recesses of the loft or in the footwell of the car.
  • Accuracy, there are times when you will need accuracy (in electronics) and nothing else will do.
  • Ruggedness, the meter is itself durable but the 115 comes with additional protection in the form of a rubber housing.

Long battery life of 400 hours

Safety – The 115 was designed primarily for the electrician, accordingly, every aspect of the design has safety built into it. From surge protection to baffles within the meter to minimize the effects of blown fuses.

Frequency meter – From 0.01hz to 50khz, very useful when working with electronics.

Min/Max/Average – Really useful to record signal fluctuations.

Capacitance Tester – Measures the value of the capacitor under test to ensure that it’s within limits. 1 nF -1000 µF

Continuity tester – A very simple but invaluable feature that allows you to check for connections between any two points. Some of the cheaper models have poor continuity buzzers which sometimes fail to operate promptly. Not so with the Fluke 115.

Diode tester – When working with power supplies you often come across bridge rectifiers made up of 4 x diodes. If 1 or more dies then a diode tester will tell which one needs replacement.

Quality test leads – The part that takes the most punishment and yet ironically the most important part of the meter. I myself have been on rush jobs only to have the leads fail, it’s a royal pain trying to work with dodgy leads. The fluke 115 comes with quality 4 mm silicone test leads which increases reliability.

Rubber housing – Not if but when your multimeter gets knocked to the ground, you will be eternally grateful that it’s well protected. Having to leave a job halfway through to buy another multimeter is a real pain.

Items included in the package: Multimeter, Holster, Installed 9 V battery, 4 mm silicone test lead set, User manual

Product Performance

Industry-standard – With few exceptions, all other meters are measured against the Fluke. The Large display makes for easy reading of the display and It’s relatively small and portable. It’s a quality device which makes it ideal for both novice or professional alike.

6.6 x 1.8 x 3.3 inches (167 x 84 x 46 mm)

1.6 lbs / 550g

Takes a 9v Alkaline battery NEDA 1604A/ IEC 6LR61/ PP3

  • Designed for Electricians and it shows
  • Very reliable and very well built
  • The measurement range allows for a wide variety of common electrical jobs.
  • Superb technical support and a 3-year warranty
  • The accuracy is second to none.
  • Missing a milliamp setting used extensive when faultfinding electronics.
  • As always the price of any Fluke is more than anyone would like to pay especially since they moved the production overseas from the US, but they are still amongst the best there is.


The price whilst not cheap is based on the fact that you are looking for quality. ruggedness, accuracy, and reliability. If you wanted cheap, unreliable, and inaccurate then you would not be looking at a Fluke. However, if you need quality and a product that may just last you a lifetime then this is for you!

Fluke 115 Electricians True RMS Digital Multimeter Rating

Almost any Fluke multimeter or tester is a product that you purchase in the full expectation that it will be a purchase for life. Anyone working on any form of mains power will need that extra level of safety afforded by a quality meter. If however you are working on low voltage electronics and do not need a good level of accuracy. If you use the meter so infrequently that you cannot justify a $100 plus meter then perhaps the Fluke 115 is not for you and a cheaper alternative would be a better choice. As always it’s horses for courses.


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